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The Fanfics
The Fanfics

Okay, this page has the list of fanfic chapters currently out. Just look below to see how far you've read, and start checking out the adventures of Legion!
First, we look in on three strangers, as their lives are changed forever:

Legion : Prologue

What is the secret behind the Mendolsson Memorial Hostel for Displaced Metahumans?

Legion : Chapter 1

The museum exploded! Is Silverlance's brother alright?

Legion : Chapter Two

Four come together... and the Legion is formed

Legion: Chapter Three

More is learned of their foe... and darkness spreads, with the birth of the Undead!

Legion: Chapter Four

Black Tiger - wanted for murder?!?!?

Legion : Chapter Five

The ranks swell, but are there still too few, too late?

Legion : Chapter Six

As Legion fights against an alien menace, the plans of Blackblade and the Undead continue unabated!

Legion: Chapter 7

A new member... and a new urgency, as they learn the plans of the Undead!

Legion: Chapter Eight

It's a battle in the mountains, and a race against time... but will they make it? At least one stalwart hero shall fall this day!

Legion: Chapter Nine

All-out assault on the Hostel! Who shall live - and who shall die?!?!?!?

Legion: Chapter Ten

The senses-shattering (thank you, Stan) conclusion to the opening arc! Can Legion defeat the Undead once and for all?

Legion: Chapter Eleven

Side Story:

What is a true hero? Is it the power, or is it the soul?  Note: Takes place between chapters Six and Seven of the initial arc.

Legion: Heroism

Rise Of the CADRE

Why have the Domain been watching a Riverbluff crime lord? And what do they want in Mountainrock?

Legion : Rise of the CADRE : Chapter One

It is a normal day at the Mendolsson Memorial Hostel for Displaced Metahumans... or is it? Danger nears as their new foe takes his first steps!

Legion : Rise of the CADRE : Chapter Two

Is this the end of Jarhead and Rache? Or just the beginning of a new threat?

Legion : Rise of the CADRE : Chapter Three

What plans does Earthshaker have, and what does this mean to Legion?

Legion : Rise of the CADRE : Chapter Four

Massive update this time! Sorry, no time for individual chapter summaries - but Legion will never be the same!

Legion: Rise of the C.A.D.R.E.: Chapter Five

Legion: Rise of the C.A.D.R.E. : Chapter Six

Legion: Rise of the CADRE: Chapter Seven

Legion: Rise of the CADRE: Chapter Eight